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Protect your financial assets and provide a tax shelter with an offshore company or trust which will protecyou wealth. Through our network of associates, located throughout the offshore world, we can offer a cost-effective and efficient company formation service. Our services are designed for entrepreneurs to operate their business and/or personal financial matters with complete confidentiality.

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Introduction to Offshore Companies and Banking


We are truly delighted that you have chosen to visit our Web Site where you will find very important information as well as a number of interesting services at competitive prices.

We assume you understand what this Site is about. It is about a basic human right - the right to privacy which is slowly being eroded by Governments all over the World - whatever their political colour may be. The services that we offer go a long way to protect and preserve that right.

Due to the nature of our business we are working mainly on the Net. We work closely with Associates in many Countries such as Hong Kong, Cyprus, Switzerland and, of course, in the Caribbean. You will find many different services on the Net yourself but we caution you not to trust everything you may find there. We carefully test each single service before we offer it to our clients. Another very important fact is that we and our Associates, carry out, ourselves, many of the services that we offer which, accordingly, bypasses the usual middlemen and allows us to offer competitive prices.

Please be assured that we take our business very seriously and our main aim is to establish a mutually beneficial co-operation with our clients. We are very jealous of the good reputation that we have gradually built up in the years that we have been on the Net and we aim to improve this further.

Most of services that we supply can be found at this Web Site. Here you can get your own exempt Company in many Countries; find out how and where to open an appropriate bank account; get an International credit/debit card or a discreet street address abroad where your mail can be sent and then forwarded on to you (so called maildrop/mail forwarding or virtual office).

We can not impress upon you enough the fact that our lives have never been monitored so heavily as they are today. PGP encryption is a must unless you wish to be "amazed" one day... Our "Secure Communication" section gives you several choices on how to protect your privacy in todays

Please note we are not going to serve people attempting to use our services for fraud or any other criminal activity. If we have any doubts we refuse an order. Our decision is final. __________________________________________________________________

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Company Formation JurisdictionsProtection From


Plaintiffs are unable to locate your assets or discerne the owner of your Real Estate

To isolate high risk enterprises from secure investments.

Retirement Funds. To protect from possible bankrupcy.

Death Duties
Assets and real property can be transfered easily.

Nominee directors and officers allow you to conduct business while you remain anonimus.

You can access your funds with corporate debit or credit cards thus maintaining absolute confidentiality

Available Jurisdictions

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Offshore Companies, Asset Protection and Offshore Corporations in Tax Havens

The best way to safeguard your assets is by developing a system of protection using tax shelters, offshore companies and trusts. With our network of associates, located throughout the offshore world, we can offer a very cost-effective yet proffessional company formation service.

We have created our services to assit entrepreneurs to operate their business and/or personal financial matters in complete confidentiality. Set-up and operating fees vary with the types and complexity of the entitie click on our list of locations to check the different rates. If you wish we can discuss your goals and requirements and make any necessary recommendations before setting-up your personal offshore system with all the necessary administration services and banking requirements.

By trading or investing through an offshore company you will achieve substantial tax, exchange control and reduction of overhead-costs. Correctly structured, assets held by such companies are normally protected from legal lien

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Consultants, Agents and Professionals

Professionals, consultants, artists and many self-employed individuals can gain substantial advantages as employees or as external consultants of offshore companies, of which they may be the sole shareholders and, if they want to, the sole directors.

Real Estate Companies
There are often distinct advantages in using an offshore holding company to hold property. This avoids inheritance tax, capital gains tax and futher enables real estate to be transfered with simplicity and confidentiality.

Investment Companies
Funds accumulated through investment companies can be invested or deposited worldwide. Interest payable in respect of these funds may be subject to local taxation however there are many locations where funds may be placed as bank deposits where the interest and/or the capital gains are paid and kept gross.

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Expatriates working overseas can frequently benefit from being employed through an offshore employement/consultacy company. This can avoid tax being deducted at source. By not remitting the full salary it can minimise tax and avoid exchange control difficulties in the country of temporary residence. This arrangement will be particularly attractive to expatriates working in politically unstable countries.


An offshore system can protect your wealth and enble you to operate in complete confidentiality protecting against unwanted publicity and unneccesary intrusion. Real estate and other assets will be protected and sale effected easily.


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Please click on a city name button to view our services and prices as well as detailed information concerning the legal and fiscal position in each Jurisdiction
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